Thalman health joins ESA BIC at Tyndall

Thalman Health has qualified for support and funding from the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) in Ireland.

Led by Tyndall National Institute, the ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland consortium, which incorporates ESA BIC, launched last year to help start-ups use space technology to solve challenges on Earth and to help companies expand their offering by ‘spinning-in’ to space.

Thalman, which operates in Cork and San Francisco, has developed novel wearable sensor technology which provides an innovative technique for measuring core body temperature.

This technology combined with Thalman’s proprietary algorithms enables health professionals and caregivers to detect the first signs of infectious fever hours before the current standard of care. By alerting users and carers to the early signs of illness before overt clinical signs manifest, the technology could provide a much bigger window for early intervention for those most at-risk and potentially save thousands of lives per year.

The technology will be useful for astronauts and researchers to monitor their core body temperature for monitoring astronauts during missions, and gathering data for research into how space flight affects the human body.

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