Smart Cork webinars: Innovation through Technology

The Cork Smart Gateway is bringing “Innovation through Technology” by hosting a webinar series on different type of technologies and its application in local authorities’ services and businesses. The objective is to enhance CSG’s work and the capacity of the councils and local businesses to engage innovatively with ICT research centres, with a view to better understanding modern technologies and how to leverage them to improve their services from the perspective of smart cities.

The rapid development of AI, IoT and Digitalisation offers significant opportunities to improve the services that local authorities and businesses offer to people and allows much easier feedback and engagement between them too. Innovation in services is more likely to succeed if it is fully embedded in the service departments, arising from real needs identified by the staff who implement and deliver the services. However, the advance in technology is so rapid that many staff and SMEs are unaware of what is possible.

The Cork Smart Gateway has addressed that knowledge gap by organising this webinar series that started last October and will continue this new year as follows:

January Upskilling Opportunities for a Digital Transformation
February Machine Learning improving business operations
March Cloud Computing services in businesses
April IoT optimising business processes
May The importance of Cyber Security in SMEs
June 5G in the future of businesses


The first two webinars presentations and recordings can be found here and the next webinar will be held on the 21st of January, 2021 at 9am. For its registration click here, although its invitation will be circulated soon through our newsletter and mailing list.

For more information, stay tuned through the Cork Smart Gateway newsletters, twitter account @SmartCork or address your questions to