Renault and Nissan to bring 10 self-driving cars to market within next 4 years

Renault and Nissan have revealed they plan to launch more than 10 vehicles with autonomous drive technology in the next four years. The Renault-Nissan Alliance will install the technology on

mainstream, mass-market cars at affordable prices. The new cars will launch in Europe, the US, Japan and China between now and 2020.

The Alliance reports sales of nearly 300,000 all-electric vehicles since sale of the Nissan Leaf commenced in 2010. The key word behind the self-drive technology is safety. Fatal and serious

injuries in Nissan vehicles in Japan decreased 61pc in 20 years and fatal and serious injuries in Renault vehicles in France decreased 80pc in 15 years. Autonomous drive is expected to help further

reduce driver error, which is responsible for up to 90pc of all fatalities. 2016 will mark the debut of vehicles with “single-lane control”, a feature that allows cars to drive

autonomously on highways, including in heavy, stop-and-go traffic. In 2018, Renault-Nissan will launch vehicles with “multiple-lane control”, which can autonomously negotiate hazards and change

lanes during highway driving. And 2020 will see the launch of “intersection autonomy”, which will allow vehicles to navigate city intersections and heavy urban traffic without driver intervention.

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