RebelBio Future conference, 9th February, UCC

The RebelBio Future conference (Formerly SynBioFuture) returns this February 9th 2017, with a line-up of influential speakers from the fields of synthetic biology, cellular agriculture, astrobiology, DNA storage and more. Looking forward and divining from the trends of today, the speakers and participants will explore how synthetic biology can help make the world a better place.

The RebelBio Future conference is free to attend, and guarantees a memorable and thought-provoking day of revelation and of course networking.


The RebelBio Future: Building a Better World begins at 8:00AM February 9th in Devere Hall,University College Cork and runs until 17:00, followed by a reception for networking and post-conference interaction with the speakers. Register for free using Eventbrite or directly below, and see the future of life

About Rebel Bio

RebelBio – The Global BioAccelerator Initiative (formerly IndieBio EU). At RebelBio, we are devoted to funding and building startups dedicated toward solving humanity’s most pressing problems with Life itself.

RebelBio is short for Rebellious Biotechnology, a new way for scientists, entrepreneurs, and tinkerers to shape their own destiny and make something that matters. RebelBio provides seed funding and mentorship to drive this transition in only four months. Then, we launch our graduate companies into the world of biotechnology to give them the best possible chance of success, buffered by our many alumni, partners, and partner investors.

RebelBio is accepting applications for our next programme, which runs in Cork City, Ireland from April through July 2017. Enjoy an old city full of character and history, a culture of carousing, and an exciting entrepreneurial atmosphere. Alternate between hammering out a lean prototype in the lab, learning from renowned masters of Synthetic Biology, and visiting the storied scenery of the Emerald Isle: make your application, and talk to us about your idea for RebelBio

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