Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre

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Organisation NIMBUS

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The Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre (WSSIC) is a joint venture between Cork City Council, Cork County Council and the Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology. The WSSIC is an expert resource involved in modernising Ireland’s water infrastructure by taking advantage of Nimbus’ technological expertise and leveraging both Councils’ experience in Water Resource operation.

The WSSIC harnesses state-of-the-art technology in water quality monitoring, leakage reporting & repair, remote monitoring and much more. WSSIC projects encompass embedded system design, wireless technologies, website design, programming, optics, sol-gel and polymer chemistry, electrochemistry, miniaturisation, case studies and workflow design.

The resulting innovations are being rolled out across County Cork, with a view to deploying to all city and county councils in Ireland. With this, the WSSIC becomes an internationally recognized hub for innovation in water-based systems and technologies. Alongside more efficient water services and monitoring processes, the WSSIC is a catalyst for the creation of new Irish-based enterprise and jobs.

WSSIC engages with key players in the water industry and providies technical guidance in the development of the Irish strategy on water.