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UNIC, the European University of Post-Industrial Cities, is an institution composed of eight universities committed to boosting mobility and inclusion for societal impact. UCC is one of them!

In UCC, UNIC is driven and supported by members of all areas of the UCC Community, Cork City Council and the civic community of Cork.

UNIC’s aim is to unlock a truly European experience for a new generation of students who will advance the post-industrial transformations of our cities. Highly-skilled graduates and new scientific disciplines that respond to the needs of the changing economy are in great demand, while deep technological and structural changes are affecting both how we teach and how we learn. We believe that universities in post-industrial cities are ideally placed to rethink and redesign higher education, and we believe the only way to do that is by empowering our students to co-create the UNIC University together with staff and city stakeholders.

Additionally, through CityLabs, the eight UNIC universities will host events where specific societal challenges and opportunities for development are identified and discussed locally and then brought to an international setting to be solved by diverse groups of people.

UNIC CityLabs is a platform for co-creation between university and city, where UNIC gathers and shares diverse perspectives and knowledge on societal issues, solves these issues through co-creation, and inspires and engages the members of our academic and civil community to work towards societal impact.

The Cork Smart Gateway will act as a lead partner for one six CityLab challenges in Cork focused on Digital Inclusion. Stay tuned for more in 2022!