The National Sustainable Building Energy Test Bed at Nimbus

Project Info

Organisation Nimbus

Project Description

Nimbus Centre manages the “National Sustainable Building Energy Test-bed (NSBET)”.

This test-bed is a whole-building energy and power management technology demonstrator, available to industry and academic institutions to develop and trial smart energy solutions. The test bed is a strategic resource for the Institute and a platform for CIT from which it can develop new, industry-focused, research which in turn informs new curricula across the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The facility is available to national and international commercial entities within the Energy space as an enabler to trial Research & Development work, particularly within the areas of Demand Side Management, and issues around Intermittency. The test-bed is also available for experimental work to other Higher Education institutions and researchers both nationally and internationally through European Commission funded research projects.

The test-bed project establishes a critical mass of building energy, energy systems, and power systems researchers, allowing Nimbus to sustain cutting edge research in the energy space.

Key Technologies of the Energy Test-bed

  • Building demand-side and supply-side energy management
  • Building energy diagnostics
  • Pervasive wireless sensing for low energy buildings
  • Microgrid power electronics and power control

The operation of this resource demonstrates CIT’s on-going public commitment to the Green Campus Initiative, providing energy savings for the Nimbus building of up to €11k per annum.

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