The Mallow Systems Innovation Centre

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Organisation NIMBUS

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The Mallow Systems Innovation Centre (MSIC) was developed in 2012 and is a collaboration between the local community, Cork County Council and the Nimbus Research Centre which creates a research and innovation resource promising far reaching technological, economic and educational dividends for Mallow. A critical mass of technology-related activity in the North Cork town is being created by the collaboration between the Centre and local companies and educational facilities. Funded through the Cork County Council’s Economic Development Fund and Mallow Town Council, the Innovation Centre is an initiative of the Mallow Development Partnership.

The initiative is being led by CIT’s Nimbus Centre and positions Mallow as a test-bed where wireless, medical and other technology is trialled before city-scale roll-out. Support for all types of technological innovation is fostered and supported. To date over €155K of projects have been initiated with local businesses since August 2013 with over €80K of this coming from direct industry funding.
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