Project Info

Organisation Voxtake T/A TAPSTAK

Project Description

TAPSTAK allows anyone to add push-button interaction to any show, event, service or object and deploy it to a large number of users within minutes – without writing a single line of code.

TAPSTAK has been developed to act as a single user interface for all push-button interaction which people can carry with them to give them the buttons they need when they need them.

Organisations can create cost-effective micro-apps to allow their customers or audience to interact with the world around them for things like entering a text-in competition, ordering a coffee, paying for parking, reporting faults, controlling hardware and much more – all at the tap of a button. The micro-apps are instantly discoverable by searching the corresponding TAPTAG (like a twitter hashtag) in the TAPSTAK mobile app making interaction quicker and easier.

TAPSTAK trials have shown a 60% increase in interaction with a simple text-in quiz when using the TAPSTAK platform and an engagement rate of 98% once a micro-app has been opened. TAPSTAK brings all of life’s most useful buttons together in one place – your pocket.

It’s a remote control for life. The TAPSTAK app free to download from the Apple and Android stores. For more information or to get in contact with TAPSTAK see their website at http://www.tapstak.com