Sustainable Energy Communities in Cork

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Organisation SEAI

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A Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) is a community in which everyone works together to develop a sustainable energy system for the benefit of the community. This is achieved by:

  • Aiming, as far as possible, to be energy efficient
  • Using renewable energy where feasible
  • Adopting smart energy solutions

In recent years, there has been a grassroots movement in which communities are working to improve their energy use. Therefore, the SEAI supports them on a three-step journey. Learn how by clicking here.

Cork has developed a few Sustainable Energy Communities that can be explored in the Sustainable Energy Communities Map.

Among the Sustainable Energy Communities in Cork we find:

Carrigaline Tidy Towns

They wish to develop a Sustainable Energy Community working with the County Council, schools and businesses in Carrigaline and their interests are behavioural change/energy education, energy efficiency & financial savings and to reach a sustainable/low carbon community.

Carbery Housing Association (CHA)

Carbery Housing Association (CHA) is a community-based housing association set up in 2001 by local residents in West Cork. Since its foundation, CHA has worked to acquire and provide social housing for rent to households who are unable to buy or maintain. Their interest in focused on Renewable Energy &/or community energy generation.

Energy Cork

The aim of Energy Cork is to be the trusted intermediary in the energy transition within the Cork area. They facilitate the delivery of energy efficiency and renewable projects on a county-wide basis, through local communities.

Cork Environmental Forum

CEF wants to support and assist groups, communities, and businesses throughout the county to become more energy efficient and move to renewable sources. Their interests go from energy efficiency & financial savings to renewable energy &/or community energy generation.

Sustainable Clonakilty Ltd

Sustainable Clonakilty wants to strengthen their knowledge by being part of a larger network. This will allow them to learn how to successfully implement flagship projects from others and through our own experiences.

Sustainable Skibbereen

Sustainable Skibbereen is a voluntary group which is aimed at making our town more sustainable and supporting businesses and organisations who want our assistance. We work on projects that aim to improve the environment and sustainability of Skibbereen.

Ballyphehane Community Association

A community keen to learn about energy technologies & the various solutions -Implement clean, renewable energy sources into the community centre facility -Become a beacon of change for the community -Encourage and empower the community to make like-minded changes.

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