Smart Monitoring Water Buoy

Project Info

Organisation Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre

Project Description

The low cost monitoring water buoy was developed by researchers in the Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre at Nimbus and harnesses state-of-the-art technology in water monitoring. The device encompasses embedded system design and wireless technologies that can be used to collect real time information on the water environment.

The Smart low-cost buoy prototype (known as ‘Einstein’) was moored on the River Blackwater for an 8 month trial during 2014, collecting information regarding water and atmospheric conditions throughout this time. The buoy uploaded information to the internet every 15 minutes, going into hibernation mode when not transmitting to save energy, since the entire system is solar powered. Nimbus designed and built all aspects of the internal electronics for power management and wireless communications; integrated the suite of sensors; and programmed the entire system to work together seamlessly.