Seeking Smart Solutions to Encourage the Engagement of Unheard Voices in Decision making

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Project Description

Cork City Council and Fingal County Council seek smart, low cost solutions to encourage engagement of the ‘unheard voices’ in decision-making about the future of their place.

Communities of stakeholders are diverse, have different levels of confidence and may require support to articulate their different socioeconomic, cultural and environmental needs throughout the entire engagement process. Traditional participatory practices, such as consultation events, have not always been successful in actively involving all. Innovative approaches to foster citizen engagement and facilitate the co-creation of solutions for the common good are required to assist the work of the local authorities.

Inclusivity is essential to successful planning and the challenge that local authorities have is finding ways to identify and track down the people who are silent i.e. the unheard voices, to select the appropriate dialogue methods, be innovative, and look for methods which people find enjoyable in order to inclusively engage.

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