Cork City Council’s Electric Vehicle Fleet

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Organisation Cork City Council

Project Description

Cork City Council has taken the lead nationally by putting up to 76 electric vehicles (EVs) on the road and thereby creating the biggest local authority EV fleet in the country

Cork City Council’s decision to go electric is a key plank of the City’s Climate Action Plan which advocates the move to lower emission mobility. Electric vehicles help improve air quality, produce less than half the carbon emissions of petrol cars and will make the city’s communities healthier and better places to live in. The council will also benefit from substantial savings of up to €700,000 over five years following the rollout of the electric fleet which is replacing diesel vehicles.

The Renault Kangoo, Nissan Leaf, & Hyundai Kona will be driven by the Council’s Operations staff. Two of the cars are available for staff to book and are used as ‘pooled vehicles’ for use by City Hall-based officials who need to use a car during the working day.

Project lead, Senior Engineer, Fergus Gleeson said:

This is Cork City Council leading the charge for other local, private and public-sector organisations to follow, by giving its own employees the opportunity to drive electric vehicles and by demonstrating the benefits of electric cars and particularly the cost efficiencies which really are substantial for the local authority sector.  We have done this because it is the most cost effective solution for our fleet, is technically viable, supports national policy and in a city impacted by climate change is the right and proper thing to do.

New fast charging points have been installed at City Hall and at Cork City Council depots for the electric fleet. Another 30 plus charging points are available to the public around the city through various providers.