Museum in a Box at Nano Nagle Place

Project Info

Project Description

The Museum in a Box (MIAB)is a collaboration between CIT and Nano Nagle Place and targets the primary school SESE history curriculum which addresses skills in communication and storytelling with respect to learning about the lives of people in the past and is also being used for educational activities delivered locally in Nano Nagle Place.

Through workshop led activities in small groups children learn about Cork in the 18th century. Workshops involve activities where children collaborate as ‘historians’, playfully narrating their interpretation of unfamiliar objects from the period. They also develop a factual understanding of how people lived in the past based on clues and documentation facilitated through the MIAB. The MIAB is augmented with digital technologies which allow the physical objects in the box to be scanned for clues. The travel case contains an embedded computer which adds to the playfulness of learning activities for those involved in the workshops. It also simplifies the development of new multimedia and game-like learning content for future workshop applications.

The alignment of the project to programmes in CITs Media Communications Department allows multimedia projects to be prototyped and tested prior to deployment in NNP’s education programme. The design of the box employed 3D CAD technologies and its construction combined traditional craft with contemporary laser-cutting and 3D printing processes. Approaching the design in this way allows for it to be physically reconfigured to carry new content or to be adapted to other uses.

For further information please contact Dr Paul Green, Department of Media Communications, Cork Institute of Technology at