Smart Energy Management System Development at Tyndall

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Organisation Tyndall

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Tyndall has just completed work on a European Funded Project called GreenCom. The aim of the GreenCom project is to utilise the flexibility and intelligence in the low-voltage demand and local supply side infrastructure to create increased regulation capacity and reserve power in the centralised power grid by extending the means to effectively and securely manage and control the demand and supply within defined boundaries. The project thus aims to balance the local exchange of energy at the community microgrid level, to avoid affecting the centralized grid with instability

For this reason, the GreenCom Smart Energy Management System is well suited for energy management in defined areas, such as Smart Cities and Communities. The GreenCom project will develop a Smart Energy Management System, i.e. an energy management and control platform that allows energy providers (Distribution System Operators or Retailers) for the first time ever to measure and balance load in the low-voltage grid and thereby prevent or reduce critical peak situations. It will thus allow the energy distributors to move beyond focussing on Power Grid efficiency and start focussing on Energy System effectiveness; a giant step forward in European energy distribution.

The GreenCom Smart Energy System will collect, aggregate and analyse real-time or near real-time data from appliance level consumption devices such as appliances, smart home devices, sensors and actuators and smart meters, via an independent data communication network. The data analysis will provide real-time consumption data on type of devices and location together with short term forecasts (up to 4 hours). Data can be aggregated over several sectors of the grid. The initial proof of concept was developed at Tyndall National Institute and will be tested on the Danish Island of Fur.

At the end of this project the team prepared an article in which they shared the ‘top 20 lessons to remember when running an ICT & Energy R&D project with a pilot deployment’ available in the news section of this website or throught the following link 


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