INTENSIFY Project: Improving Citizen Engagement on Climate Change Mitigation in Cork City

Project Description

In order to bring change and improvements in our city, engagement with citizens and key stakeholders is a key ingredient to success. To further its desire to engage with citizens on climate change Cork City Council has become a partner in the Interreg Europe INTENSIFY project.

The INTENSIFY project will deliver on many of the recommendations contained in the Cork Smart report on citizen engagement.

This includes harnessing citizens’ participation, the use of platforms and identifying champions.

The INTENSIFY project has many aims including:

  1. Influencing the Southern Regional Assemblies Operational Program 2014-2020 and future programs specifically the drive towards a low carbon economy.
  2. Increase awareness of the need to reduce green house gas emissions through enhanced community engagement.

The project seeks to enhance community engagement through four key themes: targeting communities, motivating communities, incentivising communities through financial instruments and using digital social platforms to get the message across.

INTENSIFY commenced in June 2018 and will last for five years. Thus far project participants and stakeholders have participated in thematic events and study visits where they learn about best practices in each other’s regions that increase awareness of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The project has identified five types of influencers or champions who should be targeted in order to increase awareness of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Decision Makers: those who are essential to achieving policy improvement
  • Members: those who use energy in the city and will act to reduce it
  • Advisors: Those with scientific/technical expertise to share and support the process
  • Leaders: those who have direct or indirect influence among their peers
  • Ambassadors: celebrities who can spread the message.

The local stakeholder group is growing. Current membership consists of Northside Community Enterprise, Energy-Hub, Cork Environmental Forum, Ervia, University College Cork (Green Campus and Imagining 2050 project teams), Cork City Council, Energy Cork, the Union of Students of Ireland SAVES2  project team, the Conseed project team in Trinity College Dublin, the Southern Regional Assembly, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Cork Smart Gateway, the Southern Climate Action Regional Office and XD Consulting Ltd.

Membership of the Irish Regional Stakeholder group is voluntary. Stakeholders are invited to participate in the study visits and workshops that will be organised as part of the project partner’s exchange of experience. If you would like to learn more about INTENSIFY or join the local stakeholder group please email

You can follow the activities of INTENSIFY on the website, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN.