Insight Centre for Data Analytics

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Established in 2013 with Science Foundation Ireland funding, Insight is a joint initiative between University College Dublin, the National University of Ireland at Galway), University College Cork and Dublin City University.

Working closely with Industry and leading research institutes, the Insight Centre for Data Analytics brings together over 400 researchers, creating a critical mass of research competence across several Research Groups, including:

The expertise of Insight at University College Cork includes: Process optimization, reasoning under uncertainty, resource allocation and capacity analysis, product configuration and design, planning and scheduling, predictive analytics and modelling, risk management, and supply chain management.

Insight’s expertise has horizontal application with key areas of interest being: Cloud Computing, Disaster Management, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability, Equipment Monitoring, Healthcare, Internet Commerce, Life Sciences, Logistics, Manufacturing, Network Management, Smart Buildings, Supply Chain Management, Telecommunications and Transportation.

Insight researchers also have a very strong track record in winning funding at the European level, coordinating and participating in several FP7 projects and developing strong partnerships with world-leading companies and research institutions.




Pictured: Prof Barry O’Sullivan, Director of Insight at UCC, discussing the Magna Carta for Data Initiative at the UN headquarters in New York in October 2015