GrowSmarter Project: Cork as a follower city

Project Info

Organisation Cork City Council

Project Description

Cork City was a ‘follower city’ in a Horizon 2020 project called GrowSmarter. This was one of three projects chosen from over 19 submissions to receive support from the European Commission’s ‘Smart cities and communities’ funding call. GrowSmarter commenced on the 1st January 2015 and ran until 31 December 2019. In this project Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona acted as ‘lighthouse cities’ within the project, implementing 12 smart city solutions: from advanced information and communication technology and better connected urban mobility, to energy efficiency. The solutions rolled out in a number of city areas, including downtown districts, suburban and industrial areas, ensuring a sample base representative of European cities. Five ‘follower cities’ Cork, Graz, Malta, Porto and Suceava worked in close partnership with the ‘lighthouse cities’ learning from their experiences, and providing a market for solutions suitable for their specific local context.


As a follower city within Growsmarter, Cork developed a replication plan and aims to work with Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona to:

  • Encourage sustainable economic development
  • Facilitate job creation
  • Increase citizen involvement and participation
  • Increase resource efficiency
  • Improve quality of life and services
  • Provide an attractive environment for all


For more information on Cork’s participation in the GrowSmarter project see: