Glen Regeneration Phase 2 Housing Scheme

Project Info

Organisation Cork City Council

Project Description

Cork City Council has recently completed the ‘Glen regeneration: phase 2’ project. This project comprises a mix of 59 houses and apartments, a 1800sqm community services centre and associated landscaping located on the site of four demolished 3-storey flat blocks which had been constructed ca. 1970. The flat blocks were situated in an ill-defined open landscape, and over time fell victim to anti-social behaviour.

A regeneration master plan called for the density of the original flat blocks to be maintained, which led to a relatively high-density scheme consisting of terraced housing, duplex units and a Community Services Building.

The site strategy involved using back-to-back housing to occupy the main road to the south to create a residential street, and the sub-division of the public space to the north into two separate courtyards in the hope of forming two identifiable communities around the existing terraced housing.

The Community Services Building is embedded into the scheme, with the main elevation facing west, creating a third courtyard bounded by the existing church.

The original flat blocks had been heated by way of a rudimentary gas-fired community heating system. This has been replaced in the new scheme with a biomass community/district heating system, with a photovoltaic array supplementing day-time electricity use in the community centre. The external fabric consists of a 200mm thick external wall insulation system applied to a block-on-flat inner leaf, reverting to a more traditional brick faced cavity wall construction at ground level to provide robustness and scale. The BER rating for the dwellings and community centre range from B1 to A3.

The project was completed in June 2014.