Exceedence Ltd – Taking the Risk out of Renewables

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Exceedence Ltd, established in 2015, provides an innovative financial modelling and analytics software tool for the renewable energy sector. Exceedence Ltd through its software package ExceedenceFINANCE provides sector specific, independent and robust financial planning, evaluation and optimisation software which has been built and tested around international standards.

Exceedence Ltd aims to provide the gold standard evaluation for the renewable sector to create sound and independent financial planning which will bring confidence into and de-risk this sector.

Based in the EntrepreneurShip on the IMERC Campus, Cork; ExceedenceFINANCE is built for the renewable energy industry, including wind, wave and tidal technologies. This product builds upon extensive expertise and data and enables business to test and optimise the viability of renewable energy projects.

Using Exceedence software at an early stage in the decision making process, provides the user with a like for like comparison across devices, projects and location in terms of financial viability and can greatly assist users in saving time, reducing risk, maximising resources and increasing profitability.

For more information please see http://exceedence.com/