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Project Description

DRIVE4ZERO is an exciting initiative which was launched in 2014 to promote electric vehicles in Ireland.

The DRIVE4ZERO initiative encourages companies and individuals to consider the electric vehicles proposition as a real and cost effective alternative to petrol or diesel cars. Drive4Zero has put a strong package with their eCar partners to deliver zero exhaust pipe emissions through the adoption of electric cars. Those switching to electric cars will benefit from; zero parking costs in any of the four Q-parks in Cork City as well as free use of the Black Ash park and ride facility; zero fuel costs as ESB will provide free charging units for participating companies so that employees can charge onsite free.

SEAI provide a significant financial contribution of €5,000 to the car buyer on purchase of an electric vehicle, and Drive4Zero has negotiated exclusive financial incentives for those purchasing electric vehicles such as zero % finance and/or zero deposit finance on some of the electric vehicles on offer.  More incentives will be announced in the coming weeks.