Designer Dojo

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Project Description

DesignerDojo was developed in Cork by Paul Lee, founder of Viewsion Virtual Environments and now Chief 3D Architect (C3A) with Retaileverywhere. DesignerDojo facilitates learning environments for kids around 3D modelling, 3D printing and Virtual Environments. It is non- profit and volunteer-led. Kids participate in a fun learning environment, encouraging collaboration between peers with adult mentorship.


DesignerDojo’s work with a variety of low cost/ free & accessible software such as:

◦ Minecraft (Educational Version)

◦ SketchUp

◦ Blender

◦ Tinkercad

◦ Unity


At Designer Dojo, young people participate in activities including:

◦ 3D Printing

◦ 3D scanning

◦ Game Design

◦ Animation

◦ Video

◦ Game modding

DesignerDojo Cork runs every Sunday morning between 10am and 1pm at the Webworkhouse, 8 Winthrop Street, Cork City Centre

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