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Dare Technology is an innovative Irish company established to develop and commercialise patented renewable energy technology.

Based in the IMERC incubator in Cork, the company is focussed on the development and commercialisation of innovative marine renewable energy technology while also providing consultancy and advisory services through all stages of a marine renewable energy project lifecycle

Dare Technology’s first product is a marine grade, portable wind turbine for commercial marine vessels (Hi-GEN). The Hi-Gen is used by vessels during their down time for example while they are docked at a port. Dare Technology estimated that that small vessels worldwide could be spending a combined total of up to €300 million and using 374 million litres of fuel just to power themselves while not actually working.

The Hi-Gen will provide renewable power for the ships systems and reduce the reliance on diesel powered generators, thereby reducing operating costs and emissions in the fishing and shipping industry.

For more information please see http://daretech.ie/