CorkCitiEngage: a Cork Smart Gateway’s Citizen Engagement Survey

Project Info

Organisation Cork Smart Gateway; IERC

Project Description

As part of the Cork Smart Gateway Initiative researchers from the International Energy Research Centre (IERC), hosted in Tyndall National Institute, undertook a number of surveys which invited Cork people to have their say in Cork’s future development.

The ‘CorkCitiEngage’ team rolled out surveys in schools, door-to-door and online, which gave people a chance to express their views on their participation in public issues, digital skills, and use of public infrastructure. The purpose of the survey was to gather information on how people engage with public policy and decision-making in Cork. The survey used an innovative and original ‘smart’ approach which used crowd-sourced information gathered by student volunteers going door-to-door and an additional online survey. The crowd-sourced methodology was an experiment that will shed light on the possibility of sharing risks, resources, and expertise when carrying out this type of research.

In addition to the public survey, an online survey link was sent to secondary schools and youth centres to get a younger perspective on engagement with public policy. A separate survey link was distributed to local government officials in Cork City Council and Cork County Council to indicate the baseline level of public engagement in Cork.

You can find the full report of this project here.