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Cork Innovates is a partnership of the most influential organisations across Cork who supports entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Partnership’s mission is to enhance the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in Cork through optimal integration of the partners’ and other stakeholders’ strategies so as to grow the economic place-making reputation of the region both nationally and globally.


Partners include:


The partnership provides a framework to bring together agencies and multi-level ideas to drive Cork’s economic ecosystem.  This is achieved by leading the way for regional stakeholders including local government, state agencies, educational institutions, business support organisations, entrepreneurs and the extended Cork business community to engage in a collaborative and complimentary manner.  The focus has been on building triple helix approach across public sector, educators and industry partners in addition to progressing interconnectivity between partner members and external stakeholders.  Private sector engagement and active involvement from entrepreneurs is a vital contributor to the ongoing success of the project.

Cork City Council and Cork County Council co-operate on a number of programmes and strategies which focus on ensuring the region maximises its economic potential.  In 2010, they established the Economic Development Fund (EDF), a ring-fenced fund, drawn from one percent of the region’s commercial rate base.  This fund is dedicated to the support of enterprise at a regional level with the aim of creating an environment in which enterprises and enterprise-promoting initiatives can be created, flourish and grow.  The Cork Innovates Partnership is one of these initiatives.