BIM Green Seafood Business Programme

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Project Description

The BIM Green Seafood Business programme aims at assisting Irish seafood processors in reducing their environmental impacts and saving them money while also enhancing  the vision of the Irish Seafood sector as being clean, green and sustainable. The programme offers a holistic and sectoral approach to cleaner production with the objective of delivering substantive resource efficiency improvements and cost savings, through reductions in water and energy consumption and waste prevention.

Green Seafood Business is available to all Seafood Processors with an interest in

improving their environmental performance. Making seafood processes more sustainable can improve a business’ bottom line by reducing costs and enhancing the environmental reputation and brand value.

This programme also aligns with Bord Bia’s national sustainability development programme for the food and drink industry called Origin Green. It will help seafood businesses identify potential target areas for developing their sustainability plans under environmental headings such as energy, waste, water and emissions. For more information visit:

To date this programme has resulted in significant savings for a number of companies including:

  • 30% annual water reduction resulting in €20,000 annual savings for Sofrimar
  • 10,200 litres of diesel saved by Shellfish Ireland annually
  • Island Seafoods made total savings of €32,000/annum through energy and water improvements, reducing their CO2 output by 350 tonnes/an