Bandon Flood Relief Scheme

Project Info

Organisation Cork County Council, OPW

Project Description

Bandon Town has a long history of serious flooding. Flooding is primarily due to heavy rainfall in the catchment of the Bandon River and of its tributary, the Bridewell River, which joins the Bandon River immediately downstream of Bandon Bridge. It can be exacerbated by high tides in the Bandon River estuary, approximately 6km to the east of the town. Since the previous highest recorded flood in 1975, serious flooding has occurred in the town in 1978, 1982, 1986, 1988 and November 2009. Minor flooding in the past decade has occurred in 2004, 2005, 2006 and January 2011.

The management of flood risk consisted of a Flood Early Warning System, operated by Cork County Council, which was installed in early 2011 and an associated Flood Emergency Response Plan.

Following the 2009 flooding, Cork County Council produced a scoping report, which was submitted to OPW, after which a decision was made to undertake a Study with a view to developing a flood relief scheme for the town. Consultants were appointed in late 2010 to undertake the development of the scheme and a Scheme was subsequently brought forward to Public Exhibition, under the Arterial Drainage Acts in June 2012.

The Scheme received Ministerial Confirmation in April, 2016.

As of today, a €16 million Flood Relief Scheme is being advanced by the Office of Public Works (OPW) in partnership with Cork County Council for Bandon Town. This scheme will help alleviate serious flooding of Bandon Town.

There are 5 distinct stages involved in OPW Flood Relief Schemes:-

  • Stage 1: Feasibility & Preferred Option Selection;
  • Stage 2: Environmental Assessment & Planning;
  • Stage 3: Detailed design, tender process & award of construction contract;
  • Stage 4: Construction;
  • Stage 5: Handover:

The Scheme, when completed, will protect approximately 260 properties currently at risk of flooding.

Read updates on the Bandon Flood Relief Scheme in the following link: