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The AIRO Data Store has been created by the team at AIRO and NIRSA as a means of making their data more accessible to the public. There are many data-sets available from a wide range of sources and sectors (CSO, NISRA, all-island census, crime, economy, live register etc) and everything is set up at the national or all-island scale. The data is currently available as .csv and .shp format (xml and kml also available if required) and on-line tutorials on how to use the data are available here. Individual AIRO mapping tools are also available to help the user to visualise the data where possible.

AIRO Data Visualisation Archive

The archive contains a series of data visualisations that have been previously developed and available via the following website

Links to two of the visualisation are accessible via the following links.

  1. Recorded Crime by Garda Division & Region

Crime at Division and Regional Level for all 15 crime categories 

     2. Visualisation of Monthly Live Register figures from the CSO (January 2007 to September 2015) and Seasonally Adjusted Standardised Unemployment Rate graph (1983-2015) and percentage change of people on the Live Register from the initial recording in 2007.