Partner Search for EU Agritech Proposal

Tyndall have developed an advanced nanoelectrochemical and raman based sensor platform for detection of a wide variety of biomolecules and chemicals. These sensors can be applied to liquid media, e.g., serum, bio-fluids, beverages, tap water, rivers etc., and can provide rapid and highly sensitive measurements in line or at source.  Examples of target molecules detected to date: Biomolecules, proteins, viruses, antigens, DNA, glucose, metals (e.g., Pb, Hg, Ag, Cu, Fe), pesticides, sterilisation products, pH, nitrates, phosphates and dissolved oxygen.

Driven by the quest of improving sustainability, Tyndall is developing a critical mass in the area of IOT compatible embedded vision systems in multiple application domains (Smart Agriculture, Health care, Industry 4.0). The research area is based on multi modal sensor data collection and processing with new emerging Smart, resource constrained systems with edge of cloud analytics and enhanced by Algorithmic and Machine Learning techniques. Tyndall is focussed on smart systems integration technologies encompassing innovations in sensor technologies including 3D vision, low latency and secure wired and wireless interoperability and distributed trustworthy edge AI.

Tyndall are looking for a company to partner with in a European project to further develop the sensor platform and/or the embedded vision edge data analytics research activities in Tyndall. The type of company we are looking for could have expertise in electronics, packaging or have a requirement for sensors in an application environment. Our preference would be to work with a company in the agri sector but we are open to other interests too.

Please contact for further information.