IERC Conference “Industry-Driven Innovation: Realising Future Energy Systems”

The IERC 2017 conference will take place on 30th March 2017 in FotaIsland Hotel, Cork.

The event will bring together an exciting line up of speakers including Marie Donnelly (European Commission), Paul Mulvaney(ESB Innovation), SebHenbest(Bloomberg), Thomas Kallstenius(iMEC), Martin Atkins (QUB / Green Lizard Technologies), Daniela Thran (DBFZ), Kevin Maughan(UrbanVolt), Seamus Hoyne(LIT) and John Ward (RedT).

A pre-conference networking dinner will take place on 29thMarch in FotaIsland Hotel, Cork

The conference sessions will address the following energy challenge areas:
•Driving energy performance of the building
•Developing systems that enable households &communities to access affordable &reliable electricity
•Accelerating the exploration &discovery of new clean energy innovations
IERC 6th Annual Conference “Industry-Driven Innovation: Realising Future Energy Systems”
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