Green energy at Cork City Library

Few people walking below on Grand Parade know that above them a solar energy system provides green energy to the Central Library.

There is a 36-panel array on the roof of Grand Parade Library and on a sunny autumn day, the system generates significant amounts of electricity. This solar array enables the Library to take a significant step towards meeting its green targets and any surplus energy is sent to the grid, which will be used elsewhere. This helps reduce Corks overall emissions, is in line with the Green Agenda and the priority given by City Council in helping reduce the effects of climate change.

As part of his role as City Librarian, David O’Brien and his team are committed to supporting the transformation of Cork City Libraries into a sustainable and zero carbon organisation and to bring Cork City Libraries in line with the targets established in the policy document Cork City Councils ‘Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan’.

David said:  “We hope to see more Sustainability Energy Systems on all our library buildings and in time. Even in an older building like the Central Library there are ways we can make a difference as these arrays prove. Thanks to grant funding we were able to take this step and we look forward to other opportunities on the future.”