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Webinar “AI and its adoption in businesses”

This Cork Smart Gateway webinar presents an overview of recent innovation in Artificial Intelligence, their technical developments and impact on the economy, society and public services. The webinar also showcases the use of AI by two companies that have contributed to the local economy and development of a project in collaboration with Cork County Council. The webinar features industry and academic speakers from two Irish start-ups and the Insight Centre at University College Cork and the Nimbus Research Centre and was hold in preparation to the National Innovation Week 2020.

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Getvisibility. Innovative data governance, control & oversight

Nimbus Research Centre – AI real world applications

Abodoo – Skills mapping and matching

Webinar “AR/VR transforming businesses”

This new Cork Smart Gateway webinar presents real cases of AR & VR applications, showcasing a tourism project developed between UCC and Cork City Council and recent AR/VR projects conducted by the Nimbus Research Centre in partnership with Industry Furthermore, two Irish companies introduce their immersive AR and VR solutions for industrial and marketing applications.

Webinar recording

Nimbus Research Centre


UCC & Cork City Council