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Webinar: Smart Communities and the Role of Citizen Engagement

Summary: Civic engagement is a key part of cities and regions’ evolution. Input from citizens can help define the dynamic of a city/region and engaging citizens and focusing on inclusivity can mobilize communities and bring a wide range of benefits. Studies1 have found that places enjoying higher levels of citizen participation generally had stronger communities, more empowered citizenry, better services for residents, and were better equipped to tackle deprived and disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

This event highlights Cork’s smart projects that are currently underway and how the participation of communities and citizens engagement is key to succeed in their objective and pave our way to a smarter, digitalized and more sustainable future. The presented cases work across sectors and have an impact on collaborative innovation, to supplement and strengthen Cork’s path to its smart city development.

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Enable meets Cork: A Smart Gateway Region

After a successful Cork Smart Gateway webinar series where different type of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security, 5G, among others were introduced and research developments on them were shared, we are now pleased to invite you to an online event where Industry and Academia partners meet for a conversation hosted by the Enable Research Programme.

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Enable Research Programme overview

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Webinar: “The Benefits of 5G for Business”.

This Cork Smart Gateway webinar provides an insight into these new services and showcases applications and technology advancements that will leverage them. The webinar will open with a brief introduction by University College Cork to what 5G is, followed by Vodafone presenting 5G’s potential when it is combined with its expertise in IoT. Depuy Synthes, the Orthopaedics Company of Johnson & Johnson, will showcase its application use case and the potential of 5G in smart manufacturing. Furthermore, we will have two presentations by researchers, one from the Tyndall National Institute on their newly established Wireless Communications Laboratory and its research focus and developments and then the other one by Trinity College Dublin on the new 5G optical network testbed where pioneering work is being carried on the convergence of fixed-mobile and access-metro networks and on the virtualisation of next generation networks.

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Webinar: “The importance of Cyber Security in SMEs”.

The Cork Smart Gateway, with the support of Cyber Ireland, invites you to this webinar that will offer the opportunity to understand most of these cyber risks and security issues around data presented by a growing Cork’s company: Smarttech247. Additionally, the webinar will showcase Pluto Digital, a company in the space of cryptocurrency and also end-user of Cyber Security services and how the implementation of these have contributed to the company’s confidence and business continuity management. Moreover, we will have two Academic presentations: UCC will introduce the latest developments on Cyber Security research and its link to Industry and finally, we will address the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals and how the Cyber Skills project led by MTU is tackling this issue in collaboration with private sector partners.

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Webinar: “Making better business decisions through IoT”

The Cork Smart Gateway initiative brings to you this webinar to provide general information and insights into the Internet of Things technology space, starting with exploring the general concepts of IoT and then moving into application areas and how a company may be able to find a right IoT solution for their project. Additionally, we will have two Cork companies that have succeeded in their business models by utilising IoT, Viska Systems, a company that is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integration and who have integrated multiple smart manufacturing systems and the ApisProtect – an award winning company – that helps beekeepers to reduce honeybee losses and increase hive productivity through IoT. Finally, we will have a presentation with an example of how a partnership between Industry and Academia have been able to exploit IoT to develop a solution for a specific problem.

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Webinar: “Cloud Computing Services for Businesses”

As SMEs understand the chances they have with technologies, it is also necessary to address the funding opportunities that they have access to digitally transform themselves. Therefore, this session presents local case studies where local academia partners have joined SMEs to assist them to explore a business opportunity or problem by utilising EI Innovation Vouchers. The session also showcases an example of how SFI has supported SME collaborations with research organisations on joint projects and it also presents some European funding opportunities that can be availed of by SMEs.

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Webinar: “Funding the Digitalisation of SMEs”

This Cork Smart Gateway webinar presents two proud Cork companies: CloudCIX, a Cloud Computing services provider that showcases the solutions that this technology is capable of, and WorkVivo, a company that has developed an employee communication platform and that utilises Cloud Computing as a core technology for its success. Additionally, this online session introduces work by two academic partners of the Cork Smart Gateway. The first presentation is from the Nimbus Research Centre at MTU and the second from the School of Computer Science and IT at UCC. The presentations address the adoption of Cloud Computing in different technology areas such as Fintech and how Cloud Computing helps small companies that are not able to afford an IT department.

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Webinar “AI and its adoption in businesses”

This Cork Smart Gateway webinar presents an overview of recent innovation in Artificial Intelligence, their technical developments and impact on the economy, society and public services. The webinar also showcases the use of AI by two companies that have contributed to the local economy and development of a project in collaboration with Cork County Council. The webinar features industry and academic speakers from two Irish start-ups and the Insight Centre at University College Cork and the Nimbus Research Centre and was hold in preparation to the National Innovation Week 2020.

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Webinar “AR/VR transforming businesses”

This new Cork Smart Gateway webinar presents real cases of AR & VR applications, showcasing a tourism project developed between UCC and Cork City Council and recent AR/VR projects conducted by the Nimbus Research Centre in partnership with Industry Furthermore, two Irish companies introduce their immersive AR and VR solutions for industrial and marketing applications.

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Webinar: Upskilling Opportunities for a Digital Transformation.

A lack of digital skills and misaligned talent plans could jeopardize a company’s success. In order to tackle this risk, university-industry collaborations are key components of a regional innovation plan to help companies, in particular SMEs to address this issue. With the purpose to showcase selected collaborations that support and boost the development of digital skills in different business areas, the Cork Smart Gateway kindly brings you to this webinar on “Upskilling Opportunities for a Digital Transformation”.

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