Cork’s Smart Ecosystem

Cork’s smart ecosystem consists of a variety of stakeholders all working to enhance the reputation of Cork as an attractive place to live, work, visit and invest. In an effort to showcase some of these stakeholders a Cork Smart Demonstrator Brochure was developed.

This brochure contains a collection of 17 snapshots of key smart demonstrators, projects and test beds from the Cork Region. The goal of this brochure is to disseminate concise information about these smart demonstrators to interested stakeholders in industry, academia, public organisations and also to Cork citizens. This brochure provides a web link and contact details for each item to enable the reader to easily get more information.

This is the first iteration of this brochure and showcases just a small number of the smart projects and demonstrators that are present across Cork city and county. This edition of the brochure can be downloaded through the following link Cork Smart Demonstrator Brochurepromo csg