Cork City Council to Drive Digital Transformation in Cork

Cork city’s future is digital as it has been selected to take part in a European challenge to ensure its strong economic and population growth is matched with a digital transformation.

The European Commission’s Digital Cities Challenge is aimed at stimulating economic growth and social welfare.  Cork City Council was chosen to participate because, with a planned boundary extension and projected levels of population growth that are set to make it the fastest growing city in the country over the next 20 years, the city is at an ideal stage to position itself internationally as  a digital-first city of scale.

Cork City Council Smart Cities and Communities Co-Ordinator, Claire Davis said: “Cities face multiple, interconnected challenges, including energy and climate change, employment, social inequality, and water, air and soil pollution. Embracing digital transformation allows us to re-invent the way we manage our cities’ development and respond to the big challenges, such as a cleaner environment, green mobility, and a competitive economy”.

Over the next 14 months, Cork City Council will actively engage with a wide variety of local stakeholders including academia, large industry, SMEs, start ups, community groups and other local organisations to collaboratively develop a strategy and action.

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