Conference: The Challenge of Smart Cities in Ireland

The Smart Cities Agenda recognises that cities, globally, are growing at a rapid rate which, in turn brings with it many challenges. These include traffic congestion, inadequate energy, lack of basic services, poor quality/insufficient housing stock, poor management of the environment, climate change, and urban poverty to name but a few. The redress of such complex challenges requires government, citizens, the business community and wider civil society working in synergy to find solutions to the many challenges facing our cities and their surrounds.

If we reflect on the past decade, the way we live, conduct business, and interact and engage with each other has changed dramatically. Yet, we are only at the beginning of a digital change that will transform our societies. Our cities, towns and villages will need to innovate to survive. They will need to support the design and development of cutting-edge solutions to the challenges faced; and, in so doing, facilitate a convergence of digital infrastructure with physical development. To be really competitive, a ‘city’ must be innovative, i.e. a place where new or improved products, services and production processes are created in an agglomerated way. For example, the Internet of Things (IOT), or how we connect every-day things to the Internet, offers a real opportunity for cities to deliver more efficient and responsive services while also allowing for much better engagement of citizens.

Conference Outline:

The theme of this event, the inaugural conference of the All Ireland Smart Cities Forum (AISCF), is ‘The Challenge of Smart Cities in Ireland’. This half-day event (morning), taking place on 13th September 2017 in Croke Park, considers the roll-out of the smart cities agenda across the island of Ireland to date; recognising that there are many challenges to be overcome and opportunities to be grasped. This half-day conference is intended to be a space in which experiences can be shared, challenges and opportunities highlighted, solutions explored, and networks generated.

This conference will be chaired by Mr. Will Goodbody, Science & Technology Correspondent, RTE. Confirmed speakers to date include representatives from European and Irish smart city programmes, leading thinkers and commentators on smart agendas, and experts in information systems innovation.

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