Citizen Engagement

The Cork Smart Gateway Initiative aims to enhance the reputation of Cork as an attractive region for people to live, to work, and to invest by employing smart solutions to solve regional challenges and improve the quality of life of its citizens.Cork is also positioning itself to develop as one of the world’s first four pilot cities to pursue Learning City under UNESCO’s Beijing Declaration. The two initiatives converge to bring together hard infrastructure and social capital – including local skills, community institutions and digital technologies – in innovative ways to stimulate the economy, create public service delivery mechanisms and provide an attractive environment for all. Both initiatives require quantifiable indicators to measure progress and success while ensuring meaningful engagement and involvement of major sectors in society – public bodies, private business, academic institutions, and citizens/residents – in consultation, feedback, decision-making, and implementation of projects.

Engagement and involvement of stakeholders ensures maximisation of overall benefits for all. To this end the Cork Smart Gateway and the International Energy Research Centre (IERC) carried out a series of surveys as part of the CorkCitiEngage project to better understand Cork citizen’s opinions about the Cork region and its future development. The project used crowd-sourced information gathered by student volunteers going door-to-door and combined these results with an online survey. There were 3,599 responses to these surveys which captured the views of Cork citizens, senior citizens (over 65 years), youth (16-18 years) and local authority employees. The results of the surveys are a key resource when considering future Smart programmes or projects for Cork.

To access the report summary please download Cork CitiEngage Report Summary

A summary of the key results from each survey are available here: